field notes: a concise guide to finding your life's light

field notes: a concise guide to finding your life's light


there's so much light in your life.  you need only look.

Up until a few years ago, I operated under the assumption that life was something that just happened to me:  that good things and bad things happen, and my mettle or strength of character was measured based on the way in which I handled the circumstances.  To some extent, of course, this is true:  often events occur in our lives that are completely out of our control.

But one day -- and this is the startling part -- I realized that despite external circumstances, I can, in large part, curate my life.  That instead of living on autopilot, I can actually put my hands on the throttle, not just to make major life changes (as I have in the past), but also effect minor adjustments just for the purposes of making life more interesting.  More joyful

So I began doing little things -- day-to-day activities -- to help curate my life.  To help find the light.

These Field Notes are the results.  They contain the observations and activities that I've incorporated into my routine, to help curate a life with a whole lot more awesome.  While these concepts have appeared over the years on Chookooloonks, this high-resolution, .pdf ebook combines the best in one beautiful 28-page volume, with some of my favourite images, as well as concrete tips and tricks to incorporate into your own life.

Begin curating your beautifully different, light-filled life today

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