thrive a/v journaling club: winter 2015

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thrive a/v journaling club: winter 2015


The Thrive A/V Journaling Club is an online community of guided meditations and journaling prompts, including a meditation sent directly to your inbox every day and a private community to share your thoughts.  The meditations and journaling exercises include the following 2 elements:

  • Audio:  Each weekday I'll share meditations for you to listen to over a cup of tea, to inspire your journal writing
  • Visual:  Each week you'll receive a special signed photograph with some words of inspiration that can be glued directly into your journal -- four fun pieces of mail sent directly to your home!

Class begins Monday, January 5, 2015.  REGISTRATION CLOSES WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 31ST.  Once you're registered, you'll receive an email within a few days confirming your registration.

no refunds ::  all sales final

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want a better way to start your year?

What if there was a way to tap into what worked for us in the previous year, and make a conscious effort to continue this good into the new year?  A way of using our own creativity to visualize our wishes and crystallize our best intentions for the new year?  A method of checking in with ourselves every day to keep us on track for our truest hopes?

Welcome to the Thrive A/V Journaling Club!


about the course

The Thrive A/V Journaling Club is a 4-week, online community with guided meditations and journaling prompts to help you reflect on the previous year, as well as review every success of your life, to help guide you to your best intentions for the new year.  Every day you'll receive prompts, exercises, food for thought and meditations in your inbox directly from Karen -- most of them in audio form --  to help you journal your way into formulating your best intentions for 2015.  You'll create a practice of journaling, including art journaling, tailored to spark your own inspiration,  all with the help of Karen's voice and photography, all to help make 2015 your best year ever.

Even better:  each week you'll receive a small 4"x4" photograph, signed by Karen, containing a small quotation or thought to inspire your journal prompts.  The perfect tangible "visual" to add directly to your journals!


session details

When.  Class begins Monday, January 5, 2015, five days a week, Monday through Friday, for 4 weeks.

Where. Online, in your email inbox, and in the comfort of your own home. The course is self-paced, and as private as you'd like it to be.  In addition, you'll need a journal, some favourite pens and any art supplies you've been dying to play around with, as well as a device to listen to the Soundcloud audio links you'll be receiving in your emails (your computer, smart phone or tablet should do the trick).

How. Every weekday, you'll receive audio journaling prompts, exercises, lessons and meditations in your inbox. In addition, each lesson will be posted in a private, password-protected site, allowing for conversations and community with other class members, if you so desire.

Finally, once a week you'll receive a special signed 4"x4" photograph with some inspiration to include in your journals, directly to your mailbox at home.  (Please note that while photographs will be mailed at the beginning of every week, their arrival time at your home may vary, depending on domestic/international postal services.)

Who. Anyone who is looking to begin a journaling and creativity practice for the coming year.

Why. Because spending time with yourself and your hopes and dreams is always an awesome thing.

How Much. Only USD$ 97 total for all four weeks!


Class begins Monday, January 5th.  I hope you'll join me.