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mom 2.0 summit 2014

I was honoured to participate on the opening keynote panel of the Mom 2.0 Summit on body confidence, sponsored by Dove.  I've been a fan of Dove's Real Beauty campaign for many years (as I said to their director of marketing, I'm wearing their deodorant right now).  The other impressive (and admittedly somewhat intimidating) panelists were so warm and so funny, the hour we spent up on that stage was incredibly fun.  They were:

Definitely go check them out -- they've got so much good to say.


I also moderated a panel on the evolution of blogging.  This was really special:  I had the pleasure of moderating a conversation among one of the most diverse group of really wise women I've ever had the pleasure of being in the company of.  Get this:  the panel consisted of a charity foundation CEO, a film critic, and beauty queen and a globetrotter.  Amazing, right?  And each of them was so very smart, funny and engaging, all I had to do is toss them a question and get out of their way, and they blew the room away with their generosity and charm and just plain smarts.  It was incredibly fun.  They were:

These four women write about everything under the sun, and so beautifully.  Don't miss their work.

And finally, I was so honoured to receive the Iris Award for Best Photography.  I was so overwhelmed, and I'm pretty sure I babbled something in gratitude into the microphone, but I honestly can barely remember anything I said in the haze of emotion I was experiencing at the time.  So, now that I've calmed down, I'll say this:  first and foremost,  thank you so muchall of you who continue to visit me here and encourage me and support my work.  It's really difficult to express how much your doing so has changed my life for the better, but it couldn't be more true that you have.  I also owe a huge debt of gratitude to the lovely people of Mom 2.0 Summit, because receiving that award last night was absolutely the highlight of my career.  And finally, deep, deep, heartfelt thanks to my co-nominees in this category:  the photographers listed below are truly phenomenal.  Their talent, and their consistent commitment to excellence challenges me to strive to improve my photography with every shot I take.  

In short, they inspire me every damned day: