like spending time with your favourite
smart, creative friends.

lime (līm/)

(origin:  Trinidad & Tobago)


1.  a gathering, with good food and good conversation.
2.  an event that leaves you feeling reenergized, even enlightened.

verb, limed, lim·ing.

1.  to relax and connect with good friends.

Lime Retreats and workshops help you focus honing your strengths, all while breaking bread and generally enjoying each other's company.

At Lime Retreats, you'll have:

  • a stress-free place to unplug
  • a safe gathering in an atmosphere of creativity
  • no-bull sessions on practical ways to focus on changing your world

The retreats are small to maximize individualized attention, meaningful connections, all in a relaxing and restorative atmosphere.



interested?  come and lime.
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