mission session questionnaire


I'm so looking forward to our time together! In order to ensure that we make the most of it, please fill out the questionnaire below.  Take your time -- the questions are meant to provoke some serious introspection, so I'd be sure to set aside a good hour or so, grab your favourite beverage, put on some calm music and heck, light a candle, to get yourself in the right frame of mind.  

Also, my promise to you:  everything you share here will remain in the strictest of confidence.  So please feel comfortable to be as open as possible in your responses -- the more fully you share with me, the more you'll be fully satisfied with the results of our session together. 

Please be sure to have this completed at least 48-hours before our scheduled session.

Name *
If you're an entrepreneur, tell me the name of your company and its product/services. If you're an employee, please tell me your title/profession, and what you do.
The purpose of our time together in this Mission Session is to clarify what you stand for and what you want your work to stand for -- and we'll also pull together a mission statement. Is there anything else that we need to address?
In preparation for our session, take a moment to think about what roles you play in your life, both personally and professionally, and list them here. MAKE YOUR LIST AS EXHAUSTIVE AS POSSIBLE. For example, my list would include: wife, mother, daughter, attorney, engineer, sister, photographer, writers, photoessayist, activist, public speaker, author, knitter, LEGO enthusiast, SCUBA diver -- and that's just to start.
Make an exhaustive list of the things, people, ideas and concepts that you're passionate about -- and remember that "passionate" can me things that get you excited, but also things that make you angry. For example, my list includes: my husband, my daughter, photography, blogging, philanthropy, leadership, travel, LEGO, beaches, Trinidad & Tobago, good food, connecting with people, storytelling, fighting discrimination. But there's so much more. Tell me everything you're passionate about that you can think of, whether professionally or personally.
What are you really, really good at? This can feel vulnerable to share, but remember, this is strictly confidential -- and dang it, if you're good at it, you should say this with confidence. Make as long a list as you can of the things you're really good at, whether or not they're related to your professional or your personal life, and whether or not they seem frivolous or life-changing. Some of the items on my list, for example: taking photographs that tell stories; helping folks identify their beautiful different; making a mean tuna melt; making the foreign feel familiar; opening minds to world issues without alienating; public speaking (without too much fear); curing a kid's bad day with warm vanilla milk. Now you.
Imagine you had a magic wand: if you could, what would you do to make the world an amazing place? Make a list here. For example, the things that would make it on my list: I'd inspire resonance, by sharing images from around the world; make people realize connections with each other by sharing stories of diverse people doing amazing things; institute a global ban on adding pineapple to pizza; create tools -- ecourses, books, workshops -- that inspire folks to live their best, unique selves; fight against discrimination and poverty, and for peace and equality; and harem pants for everyone!