In celebration of Jen Lemen's Birthday

A couple of weeks ago, I received an e-mail from the husband of my good friend, Jen Lemen.  He had asked several of Jen's friends, all of whom live rather from from the Lemens' home, to create video birthday wishes for Jen, in celebration of her 40th birthday.

Of course, I happily obliged, creating a digital story from images I had taken while on vacation with Jen and 11 other kindred spirits in Oregon earlier this year.  I compiled the images into a slideshow, added Afro-Cuban music (Jen feels a kinship to all things African), wrote my wishes for Jen's birthday and added the voiceover.

This is the result.  It shows, I think, how digital stories can be used in celebration of a friend, in contrast to using the media for the purpose of publicity.


Karen WalrondComment