pathfinder session questionnaire


I'm so looking forward to our time together! In order to ensure that we make the most of it, please fill out the questionnaire below.  Take your time -- the questions are meant to provoke some serious introspection, so I'd be sure to set aside a good 90 minutes or so, grab your favourite beverage, put on some calm music and heck, light a candle, to get yourself in the right frame of mind.  

Also, my promise to you:  everything you share here will remain in the strictest of confidence.  So please feel comfortable to be as open as possible in your responses -- the more fully you share with me, the more you'll be fully satisfied with the results of our session together. 

Please be sure to have this completed at least 48-hours before our scheduled session.

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The purpose of our time together in this PathFinder session is to clarify what lights you up, get a glimpse of your superpowers, and develop some practical ways to curate happiness and gratitude in your life. Is there anything else that we need to address?
Make an exhaustive list of everything that you love to do. Do not censor yourself by excluding things that you love to do, but that sound silly -- make your list as exhaustive as possible. For example, my list includes: photography, singing in the shower, public speaking, and spreading Elmer's glue on my hand, letting it dry, and then peeling it off (see? nothing is too silly!). Your list might include cooking, reading, napping, building with LEGOs, running, sewing, solving quadratic equations ... whatever. Just a list of things that you love to do (i.e., actions). As many as you can think of.
What are some of the things that people consistently thank you for -- is it for a particular expertise? Your ability to listen? A skill that you have? Don't be shy: share some of those things here.
Make a list of everything that you've done in your life that you're proud of accomplishing. Again, make this list exhaustive -- for example, my list includes (but isn't limited to): getting my high school, college and law school diplomas, mastering cooking Trinidadian food, getting my SCUBA certification, speaking passible Spanish, learning how to roller skate, making a mean grilled cheese sandwich, singing Handel's Messiah in a four-part choir. Again this list can include big things and little things -- but make it include everything you can think of that you're happy you made happen.
Have you ever dreamt of traveling to the Great Wall of China? Become a certified SCUBA diver? Handmaking a quilt? Use a potter's wheel? Learn a new language? This space is for you to dream big: make an exhaustive list of things you'd like to attempt in your lifetime. Go for broke: try to come up with at least 100 things. It can be anything from stomping grapes barefoot in a vineyard, to learning to play the harmonica, to teaching yourself to juggle, to getting a college degree. Whatever you think you'd like to do one day, write it down here.
What word encapsulates what you wish for yourself for the coming twelve months? It can be anything: "success," or "gratitude," or "beauty," or "abundance," or anything. No worries if you're having a hard time picking one -- we can talk about it in our session. But if a word comes to mind, share it with me below. (If you can't think of one, simply write, "I'm still thinking about it.")