make light: stories of bright sparks, slow burns & thriving out loud


MAKE LIGHT is a chronicle of stories and imagery of people who make it their mission to thrive out loud -- who pursue passions and new businesses and breathtaking adventures.  Who hone their minds, bodies and spirits in ways that allow them to change their worlds.  As you read their stories in these pages, you'll be inspired by a new definition of what it means to "thrive" -- and discover that doing the power of doing so lies only in our desire to make light.

MAKE LIGHT is a visual work designed to connect you with your own power to change your world -- by listening to your own inner voice, identifying the gifts and passions that you have that were meant to be used to create light in your world, and also using them create light in the lives of others.

We are all designed to make light; this book is a beautiful reminder that it is entirely within our power to make it happen.

the beauty of different:  observations of a confident misfit

Constantly bombarded with messages on how to think, how to feel, how to look, it can be very easy to fall into the mindset that we somehow fail as individuals, that we are not enough. But the truth is, those aspects of ourselves that make us individuals are actually the source of our own beauty, our super power. The Beauty of Different explores beauty in nine fresh ways and challenges the reader to revel in her own uniqueness. Combining beautiful imagery, portraiture, insightful commentary, essays, and interviews, this multisensory exploration of what is really beautiful provokes deeper self-discovery. Designed to connect and inspire, The Beauty of Different encourages the reader to reframe her differences, not as shortcomings, but as characteristics of distinction—maybe even superpowers.

The Beauty of Different contains intimate portraits of men and women who have discovered what makes them beautifully different.  Karen captures their beauty and the beauty of the world around us in unique and stirring ways.  Spend time leafing through the pages, and you'll discover a whole new way of seeing yourself.

Through her writing and photography, Karen inspires us to claim our voices and own the parts of us that make us authentic, beautiful, and strong. What makes Karen’s work so compelling is that she walks the talk — she lives the principles that she shares with us.
— Brené Brown, New York Times Bestselling Author of Daring Greatly and Rising Strong