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Because of Karen's diverse legal, corporate and creative background, she has spoken and is well-versed on topics as wide-ranging as leadership, diversity, self-image, creativity (through photography and journaling), social media and human resource issues.  From intimate gatherings to town halls attended by hundreds, Karen has spoken on a variety of subjects, and can tailor a message specific to your organization's needs (scroll down to see a sample of Karen's talks).

photograph by maile wilson

photograph by maile wilson


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video:  tedxhouston 2012:  resonate

In fall of 2012, I was honoured to speak at TEDxHouston, the local franchise of the internationally famous TED Talks.  My topic was on looking for the light -- and not just in photography. 

Click the image below to watch the presentation (16 minutes).

video:  celebrate your uniqueness on living smart with patricia gras

I was thrilled to be a guest on the Houston PBS show Living Smart with Patricia Gras, where we talked about The Beauty of Different, and how to celebrate your uniqueness.

Click the image below to watch the entire episode (28 minutes).

video:  spokesperson for pbs kids

PBS invited me to talk about our family's media habits, children's media, and my love of WordGirl and PBS Kids.

Click the image below to hear what I had to say (2 minutes).

Karen is a powerful, passionate, creative and inspiring presence. I've heard Karen speak on several occasions and no matter the topic, she always provides an insightful, thought-provoking discussion and is able to connect with the audience on a personal level.
Jeannine Harvey, Senior Manager, Strategic Relationships, ONE


The Beauty of Different:
Lessons Learned

Feeling really different?  Wish your differences were assets?  It turns out that this is an amazing opportunity to create your own story.  Learn how:

  • making comparisons is a colossal waste of time
  • we are wired to connect.our differences might just be our superpowers

Suggested audience:
Women of all ages interested in personal development.

Beautifully Different Storytelling:  
Using Photography to
Enhance Your Website

Want to make your website more compelling?  Combine photography with the art of storytelling to create a site that readers and clients are compelled to return to again and again.  We'll discuss:

  • the art of storytelling.tips and tricks to improve your photography
  • examples of great storytellers who use imagery and words

Suggested audience:
Bloggers and entrepreneurs who want to strengthen their web presence.

Social Media: Harnessing the Power of Social Networks to Create Extraordinary Organizations

Struggling with the purpose of social media in a corporate setting?  In this introductory course, we'll learn about:

  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks
  • case studies illustrating organizations that used social media to great effect (and some that did so to their detriment)
  • what a solid corporate social media policy should include (and what it shouldn't)

Suggested audience:
Executives and entrepreneurs new to social media.


Light Words:
Identifying your Beautiful Different

We all have a general idea of what interests us, but what is it that you do that lights you up?  We will:  

  • do a journaling exercise to get to the core of what brings us joy
  • discover our Light Words: identify the activities that light us up, and are possible the sources of our superpowers
  • learn how we can incorporate our Light Words in our day-to-day lives

Suggested audience:
Women of all ages interested in personal development.

The Beautifully Different Organization:  
Diversity and Innovation

Corporations understand that focusing on the diversity of its employee base is the right thing to do; however, organizations of the future know that innovation and creativity depend on diversity.  In this talk we'll discuss:

  • a overview of employment laws relating to diversity and discrimination
  • case studies on organizations who have embraced  diversity as part of their innovation processes
  • tips on how to include diversity as part of the core values of an organization's DNA

Suggested audience:
Human resources and other professionals

Setting Your Course:  
Using Your Superpowers for Good

Once you've identified what  lights you up, how do you use these superpowers to help change your world?  In this session we'll:

  • learn how to publicize our superpowers, to create opportunities to use them for good
  • create opportunities to serve, in ways that engage the activities that bring us joy

Suggested audience:  Individuals/entrepreneurs searching for ways to make a difference in their communities. (This can be tailored for organizations looking to inspire their memberships/employees to passionate and sustainable action.)


"Karen has the rare ability to engage a large audience just as she would any intimate conversation. Her humor, intelligence and remarkable experience are conveyed to a room of 1000 people just as if we were at the dinner table." -- Bryan Mason, President, Small Batch, Inc.