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If you're like most visitors to Chookooloonks.com, you probably stopped here while cruising the virtual superhighway for a moment of beauty before starting your day.  And you're in good company, too:  while chances are you're North American, it's almost as likely that you're from somewhere else on this beautiful planet, perhaps from Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East or the Caribbean.

I'm glad you're here.  Because in my experience, Chookooloonks readers are spectacular.

In fact, Chookooloonks readers generally believe in a world where anything beautiful is possible.  The site attracts an audience who is generally fascinated with photography, travel, inspiration and self-improvement.  As a result, Chookooloonks enjoys:

•  Over 150,000 page views per month
•  Over 40,000 unique visitors per month
•  Over 2,100 Google Reader subscribers
•  Over 11,000 Twitter followers  
•  Over 2,900 Facebook followers and fans 
•  A Klout score of 73

Want to be a part of this?  Here's how we can make it happen.


graphic ads

If you're a business whose aesthetic is complementary to the look, feel and mission of Chookooloonks, and would like to advertise on the site, I'd love to have you! Currently, 200x125 non-animated ad spaces are available on the Chookooloonks blog for the following flat rates (paid in advance):

1 month: US$ 50
3 months: US$ 145
6 months: US$ 275

Please contact me directly to get started.


collaboration opportunities

Opportunities are available on Chookooloonks for collaborating on marketing campaigns whose messages and aesthetics closely tie into the mission of the site. 

If you are interested in developing a visually beautiful and inspiring campaign — and feel that your products and/or services are closely aligned with the mission of Chookooloonks — please click here to contact me directly, to discuss how Chookooloonks can best serve your organization.


purchase images

Unframed 8"x"10 prints of select images you see on this site are available for US$ 95 plus shipping.  Please contact me directly if you're interested in purchasing one, identifying the image by its post title.