nikon d4

I've been a Nikon girl since I started learning photography -- my first camera was a Nikon F-Series film camera.  I've graduated to many different models over the last 20 years that I've been shooting -- and this one is the beast that I take with me anywhere I want stellar shots.  Beautiful images, high definition video.

From Nikon (US$ 3,189 used)  

leuchtturm journal

For many years, I was a Moleskine user, until I stumbled across this journal.  Just like Moleskines, it's a comfortable size for throwing in a handbag or backpack (5.75"x8.25"), and just like Moleskines, it has a handy pocket at the back and an elastic band to keep it closed.  But unlike Moleskines, this lovely little journal also numbers the pages, and has a lovely index in the front, so that you can keep everything organized and tabulated.  And of course, I get the unlined version, so that I can sketch, draw and doodle unencumbered.  A lovely new find.

From Leuchturm (US$ 18.95)


sony rx 100m iii cybershot

My professional cameras are big and unwieldy -- a bit cumbersome to carry around every day -- so this little bad boy is what's always at the bottom of my handbag.  I can easily shoot this camera manually by moving dials (instead of having to log into tedious menus), the  picture quality is almost as good as my big girl camera, and get this:  I can wirelessly transfer any shot I take onto my iPad or iPhone to process and upload to Instagram (or Facebook or even my blog) on the fly.  I love this camera.

From Sony (US$ 798).


robe dress

I've long maintained that the best way to dress is in "urban pajamas":  clothes that are comfortable enough to sleep in, but not so comfortable that you wouldn't want to be seen in public in them.  This robe dress fits the bill beautifully.  (I bought one in red.)

From Free People ($128).


rolling camera bag

Sometimes I travel with a ton of camera gear:  it's heavy, and bulky, and way too precious to put in checked luggage.  In those instances, it's time to roll out the wheeled camera bag.  I especially love this one, because it doesn't scream "expensive gear in here!" -- and when I'm not traveling, I use it as pretty camera storage in the corner of my office.  (Also, it's really rugged:  I've had mine for years, dragged it all over the world, and it still looks new.)

From Jill-E (US$ 299.99).


knot today/curling custard

As I've been growing out my hair over the past 18 months, I have tried a ton of different hair products, and none work as well as these two in tandem.  The Knot Today is a leave-in conditioner that I finger-comb through soaking-wet hair (and it detangles like a madman), followed by the Curling Custard (a little goes a long way), and then air-dry.  The result:  good curl definition, minimal frizz.

From Kinky-Curly:
Knot Today - 8 oz (US$ 14.29)
Curling Custard - 16 oz (US$ 29.49)