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Karen Walrond is the author of the bestselling book The Beauty of Different, contributing author to the book Expressive Photography, and a frequent columnist to StyleUnited and Her writings have also appeared on Huffington Post, Sheryl Sandberg's, and Good Housekeeping and Redbook magazines. Her words are always positive, encouraging readers to tap into their own superpowers.

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The Beauty of Different

What if you had a superpower?  Because you just might.  The Beauty of Different contains intimate portraits of men and women who have discovered what makes them beautifully different.  Walrond's gifted eye captures their beauty and the beauty in the world around us in unique and stirring ways.  Spend time looking at life through her eyes, and you'll discover a whole new way of seeing yourself.

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bright Sky Press, and many other booksellers. (Now available on Kindle!)


Expressive Photography

Co-authored by Karen Walrond, Expressive Photography will not only show you why certain images sing, but will also teach you how to create your own compelling photographic images -- one click at a time. Visually stunning, and unique in its collaborative approach, this book brings the spirit of the immensely popular Shutter Sisters blog to the printed page through the voice and photography of its founding members.

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many other booksellers. (Now available on Kindle!)

bliss your heart at babble voices

Karen Walrond is a contributing columnist of  the award-winning website, sharing tips, tricks, and resources to adding bliss to your life. 


Path Finder eBook

Coming soon! If you're considering a career change, are in the middle of a personal life transition — or are simply looking for a way to add some happy moments to your life —this creative, fun-filled book will help you navigate and discover your own personal method of curating a meaningful life.


"The Beauty of Different is a message that we all need to hear! Through her writing and photography, Karen inspires us to claim our voices and own the parts of us that make us authentic, beautiful and strong. What makes Karen's work so compelling is that she walks the talk -- she lives the principles that she shares with us."  -- Brené Brown, author of Daring Greatly and The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed To Be and Embrace Who You Are