And I'm passionate about helping you find your purpose and make light.

I'm the former Chief Counsel of Landmark Graphics Corporation, one of the largest software companies in the oil and gas  industry, as well as the former Chief of Staff of Halliburton Energy Services.  In both of these roles, I gained extensive experience in strategy development, change management processes and corporate ethics management and education, as well as invaluable proficiencies in giving practical advice to business stakeholders.

I'm also a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator, having been trained in Brené Brown's work on vulnerability, courage, shame-resilience and worthiness.  In addition, I've been trained in positive psychology coaching with the Wholebeing Institute, using the science of well-being and research-based assessments and interventions to bring about greater satisfaction, purpose and fulfillment in life.

the coaching process

Coaching is all about unlocking your potential to maximize your own success. Unlike therapy, which tends to be retrospective and focuses on a psychological issue that undermines the ability to function in healthy and adaptive ways, our coaching work together will be more about the present and future, focusing on your goals and drawing on your potential, strengths and skills to maximize success in your life and workThis generally involves a three-step process:


an exploration of goals

First, we’ll sit down together and explore and clarify your hopes and dreams for the next stage of your life and/or career, and establish  appropriate coaching goals. As we brainstorm together, you'll discover new insights and possibilities, and we'll begin to form some clear goals to work towards together.


an inventory of strengths and resources

Once we've clarified your goals, together we'll explore all of your strengths and resources, and delve into how they might be able to get you to where you want to go. During this time, we'll likely stumble upon strengths you didn't realize you had, resources that you'd never recognized, and appreciation for the experiences and skills you have that would be helpful in achieving your goals.


charting a course for your success

Finally, we’ll develop and implement a plan to get you to where you dream of being.  We'll literally map out the steps along the way, massage any challenges that we foresee, and begin your journey to achieve the goals you dream of achieving. 


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Working with Karen has changed how I see myself, my skills, and my future. I am thankful beyond what words can express.
— Kim Thompson, Development Strategist & Meaningful Travel Specialist

additional coaching offerings



Enjoy self-paced, self-study, and want to add more peace, introspection and contemplation in your life?  These courses might be just the thing:  from seasonal journaling audio/visual workshops, to photography meditation courses, to cultivating a simple journaling practice, all of these ecourses are designed to help you thrive. Check out:


lime retreats & live workshops

Karen's Lime Retreats and Workshops help you focus honing your strengths, all while breaking bread and generally enjoying each other's company.  At Lime Retreats, you'll have:

  • a stress-free place to unplug

  • a safe gathering in an atmosphere of creativity

  • no-bull sessions on practical ways to focus on changing your world



the make light community
(always free!)

Every month or so, Karen sends a personal note to over 2500 subscribers, each note containing  journal prompts, photography prompts, and links to books and articles -- all inspiration on how to thrive, all completely free. 

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I didn’t realize the day I met Karen Walrond at Lime Retreats how transformational her work would be to me. It was a simple invitation to women to come together, to explore, to visualize, to put on paper and claim, in voice, a dream. Karen beautifully and brilliantly facilitated the weekend that none of us wanted to end. I gained a sisterhood of incredible women who I adore and support and I continue to receive their honest, loving support in return. Yes, this was transformational and life changing and I am forever grateful. She will change your life too — trust me!
— Meg Ramstad, MSN, ARNP -- Bariatric AfterCare Coach and CEO -- Chief Empowerment Officer