10 days of thanksgiving: music


Over at Bliss Your Heart, we've been celebrating 10 days of Thanksgiving:  for 10 days, I’m sharing journaling prompts for reflections in gratitude.  These prompts can be used to add thoughts to your journal, or get out and use your camera (or camera phone) to capture, or sketch or draw, or even simply spend some quiet time with a cuppa just meditating.  My hope is that by the end of this time, we’ll all have created a body of work which reflects the bounty that we’ve discovered we have in our lives. 

Unfortunately, the Babble site is going through some difficult upgrades, and they've prohibited contributors from adding any new posts.  So at the request of some of the participants, for the next couple of days, I'll share the prompts here.  Once the Babble site is back up and available for new content, I'll go back over there.

Are you still with me?  Awesome.  Let’s go.

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The other day, I was sitting at an outdoor café when suddenly over the sound system, this song came on.  Immediately, I was no longer a grown woman having a coffee in Houston, Texas, but was instead a very young child at my grandmother's house in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad.  I could smell her cooking in the kitchen, hear my aunts cackling over some bit of gossip, while I sat in the open door trying to catch the breeze, while staring out at the tropical trees.

It is stunning sometimes how music can just transport us to another place and time, isn't it? Certain songs come on, and instantly I'm smiling, remembering meeting my husband for the first time, or holding my infant daughter in the middle of the night, or even having dinner with favourite girlfriends just last week.  Music is so fraught with meaning, you know? And while certainly some song are sad, for the most part music -- whether we're listening to it or making it -- fills us with joy.

Day 7 prompt:

Today, reflect on your favourite music.  It could be music from a long time ago, or music that reminds you of someone beautiful.  It could be your favourite instrument that you enjoy playing, or that someone you love plays.  It can even be seasonal music.

And bonus points for finding it on the internet and playing it as you reflect (or sharing it in the comments, below!).

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