Today, since it was the last day of the quarter, was all about the law job -- I stayed very close to my e-mail, ready to leap to attention in the event I was needed to close a last-minute deal.  

Today was also the day that panic truly began to set in about leaving my nice, safe corporate gig.  I found myself scouring, searching for any hopeful news that the nightmare that is the stock market was truly just a bad dream.  Today was the day I started to question whether I was making the right decision about quitting, as my sad little 401K continues to tank.

But you know what?  Today was also the day that I had an bit of a brainstorm of how to launch my new business, and had the opportunity to speak to some of my tribe and receive their honest validation.  Today was also the day that I learned that a risk I took with my new business, despite the fact that I was nervous about doing so, may have actually paid off. 

Today was the day that I started to really, truly believe that old John Burroughs quote:  "Leap, and the net will appear."

In short, I'm feeling more and more excited about where things are going for me, despite it all.  And today's the day that I feel like saying to all of you:  if you're at the brink of something -- a decision, a choice, a new journey or path -- and you know, in your heart of hearts, that this is something you need to do or experience, even if logically you're not entirely sure why your soul cries out to make this happen, even if practically-speaking, on paper, it doesn't make complete sense -- just do it.  Trust your instincts:  there is something here for you to learn, for you to be. 

Leap, and your net will appear.

Song78 Stone Wobble by Gomez

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