little things of beauty

A few good things from yesterday:

1.  I took my camera to work, and had the opportunity to take the portrait of my friend Shelia for my project, The Beauty Perspective.  She's really lovely.

2.  I visited my good friend Helen who is a week away from the birth of her second child.  She's glowing and excited and happy.

3.  On the way home from school, I noticed one of Alex's bottom teeth looked crooked.  After a brief pang of worry that she'd hurt herself, it dawned on me:  it's her first loose tooth.  I actually got a bit teary: my baby's growing up!  Then I thought that if I get this emotional about her first loose tooth, I suspect her entering puberty will flat kill me.

Incidentally, anyone know how much the tooth fairy goes for these days?

SongBeautiful by Damien Marley

Updated:  I went to the bank today, and discovered these!

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