rainy days and new starts

This morning, after taking my car to the shop for a long, long, long overdue oil change, I came home, sat down at my Mac, logged on and sat staring at the screen.  An instant message from my friend Dan immediately popped up.

dan the man:  Freedom! Woohoo!
karen:  Now what?
dan the man:  be happy in whatever you do 

Be happy in whatever you do.  I love how that sounds.

* * * * * * *

The temperature has dropped today, and this morning is cool enough for a light sweater.  It's also raining like cats and dogs outside.

I love this kind of weather, and always have. When my parents got married 42 years ago, the weather on their wedding day was horrible: very wet and stormy.  Since then, though, and certainly since my very earliest memories, every time there's been bad weather my father says calmly, "This is a good day.  This is Walrond weather.  Very, very lucky."

I love that it rained yesterday evening, and it's supposed to rain all day today.

SongUse me up, by Bill Withers.  It's my favourite rainy-day song.

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