through the viewfinder: happy birthday, mom

Today is my mom's birthday.  I would tell you how old she is, but if I did that, she would positively disown me.  (Given the current economic crisis, it probably wouldn't matter, but still.)  So to protect her dignity, I won't tell you; however, know that this is a milestone birthday, and therefore a very exciting day.

My parents are currently in Trinidad, so I won't get to tell my mom happy birthday in person.  If she were here, however, I would buy her flowers -- I don't know anyone who loves receiving flowers more than my mom -- and if I bought her flowers, I would buy her irises, since they're her two favourite colours, purple and yellow.  So instead, I bought a bouquet, and shot a couple of images just for her.

Happy birthday, Mom.  You make s ... I mean, you make however old you are, look great.

Karen Walrond17 Comments