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Last night, I went with several former coworkers to the Houston Aeros hockey game.  The Aeros were playing the Iowa Chops ("Really?"  I kept asking my friends.  "The Iowa Chops?"), and we won, 3-1.

I don't know much about hockey (due to the fact, I suppose, I have very, very few memories of ice rinks during my childhood in Trinidad), but my friend Karen, who got us the tickets, is a huge fan; also, my friends James and David are from Canada and Colorado, respectively, so I got a good lesson.  For example, I learned the reason why it is part of the code and culture for the players to fight at the games (it brings in ticket sales).  I also learned why it might not be a good idea to sit between a Calgary Flames fan and a Colorado Avalanche fan (you can't win).

I did not, however, get answers to:

  • why it's a good idea to have cheerleaders (excuse me, "power dancers") at a hockey game, particular since they generally did all their dancing at the back of the stands, behind all the spectators;
  • why the little lady in the row next to us was incessantly shaking a cowbell. I mean, incessantly, not just when there was a good play, or when the Aeros were on defense; and
  • why there was a real-life garden gnome in attendance.

These are the things that shall keep me awake at night for weeks to come.

SongFire, by the Ohio Players.  They played this song after the end of the first period, and this alone might make me return to the Toyota Center to see another game.


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