through the viewfinder monday: mushrooming

 A mushroom in our back garden, found by Alex.  Alex and I have been reading Pippi Longstocking together, and this weekend we were "ThingFinders."  To see more things we found, click here.

Thanks to all of you who participated in the giveway of Katherine Center's new book, Everyone is Beautiful.   I've consulted my oracle again, and the winner of the autographed copy of the pre-released book is Erin S!  Erin, I'l be contacting you via e-mail for your snail mail addy to send the book to. 

Again, thanks so much for all of you answers -- I loved reading them.  As for me, I think the most overrated virtue is "perfection in motherhood."  It doesn't exist, and the way I figure it, as long as we keep 'em healthy, safe and secure, and generally happy, all the rest is just gravy.

Busy week this week:  lots to do before we head off to England on Friday (!!).  On a related note, I'd love some feedback for an article I'm halfway through writing:   what's the one thing (other than tickets/passport/wallet, obv) that you would die if you forgot when traveling overseas?

SongHey There, Delilah by Plain White T

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