sweet things

Inspired by Hula, 50 sweet things I love:

1.  Saturday morning pancakes, made from scratch, served with honey.  I actually don't even like pancakes that much, but I love making them, and I love that it's our family tradition.

2.  Coco Reef Hotel, Tobago.

3.  The London Tube.

4.  The way Alex sings softly to herself when she's happy.  I'm not even sure she knows she's doing it when it happens.

5.  Caribbean beaches.  Any time of day, but especially at sunset.

6.  Christmastime in Trinidad.

7.  Hot, sweet, milky tea on cold, rainy days.

8.  Handel's Halleluia Chorus, preferably sung by a gospel choir.

9.  Laughing until I can't catch my breath.

10.  The opening ceremonies of the Olympics.

11.  Pad Thai and shrimp spring rolls from Nit Noi Restaurant.

12.  The cappuccinos at Harvest Coffee.  It's way outside of Loop 610, and therefore not in the coolest coffeehouse neighbourhood, but oh, the coffee is worth the trip.

13.  Free People clothing (even if I think they're overpriced and have only very rarely bought deeply, deeply discounted items).

14.  The colours blue and green, preferably next to each other.

15.  Bossa nova.

16.  Manicures.  I only get them about once a year, because I find them incredibly indulgent, but oh, I love them.

17.  Marcus' blue eyes.

18.  Photographing lilies.

19.  My iMac.

20.  My cameras.

21.  The moment when I'm taking a portrait, and I know I've captured the shot as soon as I squeeze the shutter.

22.  Scuba diving.  It's, sadly, been a long time.

23.  Grilled halloumi and good wine.  Marcus turned me on to halloumi, and I'm a complete addict. 

24.  Star Pizza.

25.  Visiting countries I've never visited before.  Again, sadly, it's been too long.

26.  Watching people greet each other at the arrivals hall in the airport.

27.  The expression on the face of a young child when they realize they've figured something out for the first time.

28.  Watching a man take care of a woman he loves.

29.  When Marcus reads my mind and answers my unspoken question, or finishes my unfinished thought.  I usually protest "Get out of my head!" but he knows I love it.

30.  Christmas Eve night.

31.  A really good Trinidadian rum.

32.  Getting a handwritten card or note in the mail.

33. Journals.  I have way too many of them, and rarely finish one before buying another.

34.  Agendas -- like Filofaxes, or other organizers.  I've been addicted to these since university.

35.  Really good design -- interior design, website design, typography -- it doesn't matter, I love it all.

36.  Annie Liebovitz.

37.  Priests who are slightly irreverent.

38.  Bill Bryson.

39.  People who defy stereotypes.

40.  Rollerskating.  I haven't done it in years, but would leap at an invitation to a local rollerskating rink.

41.  1970's funk. 

42.  Whole Foods.

43.  A really good book and a long period of uninterrupted time to sink into it.

44.  Grilled lobster.  No drawn butter, no fancy sauce -- just simple, plain grilled lobster.

45.  Covent Garden (or King's Road), a warm drink and winter.

46.  Watching Alex dance.

47.  Friday night lights.

48.  Mayaro Beach -- where I spent my childhood.

49.  Making lists.

50.  Random acts of kindness from strangers.

SongSweet, by Jehro.  I first heard this song by clicking on the site of Maile, the amazingly talented photographer behind Relish Photography, and a fellow Shutter Sister.  After refreshing the flash version of her site over and over just to hear it, I finally broke down yesterday and asked her the name of the song and the artist.  I immediately bought his CD, and can't wait for it to arrive.


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