off to cornwall

Alex, on the swing in Marcus' dad's back garden.  Try not to focus on the travesty that is the sweater hand-knit by me.

Today we leave Gloucester and head southwest, to Cornwall, the region of England that Marcus calls home.  We'll be staying with his really lovely sister, Kate, and her family.  Alex is in awe of Kate's daughters, Ellie and Keziah, and is positively quivering with excitement at the prospect of spending time with them.  They live very near the ocean as well, so Alex keeps asking me with much anticipation if we'll be going to the beach.  I assure her that it's very likely.

What I haven't told her is that if we do go, I'll most probably be waiting for her in the car until she's ready to go back to the house.  With the heater on full blast.

Okay, I most probably won't.  But I suspect I'll really, really want to.

Kate and Nigel don't have internet connection in their home, so you won't have as intimate a knowledge of what we're up to as you have this past week; however, I've preloaded daily posts with more memorable images and commentary of our trip thus far.  So stay tuned:  it'll be almost like I'm blogging from a different time and dimension.  Except, with, you know, more pictures!

Have a great weekend, everyone.  More on Monday.

SongRoad Trippin' by Red Hot Chili Peppers

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