bath and unravelling

Pulteney Bridge, Bath, Somerset, England.  Photographed November 19, 2008.

About two weeks ago, I received an e-mail from Susannah, the artist behind Unravelling and Ink on My Fingers.  She had noticed that I had linked to her photoblog on my links page, and had written to thank me.

"If you're ever in the UK," she said, "please look me up."

"Well, actually ..." I wrote back.

As it happens, Susannah lives in Bath, about an hour's drive from my father-in-law's home.  So last week Thursday, we drove out to meet her.  Susannah is absolutely lovely, but I don't want to tell you too much about her yet, because she's agreed to be featured in an upcoming Authentic You Interview (so stay tuned for that).  I'll just say that she's the epitome of London Cool, in all the great ways.

We spent 6 hours together, strolling through this amazing little town, on a surprisingly beautiful English day.  Bath is known for its hot springs (in England!), where the Romans built baths and a temple, back in the day. It has only about 80,000 inhabitants, and it's really out in the middle of the countryside, but it feels like a cosmopolitan little city, and I think I could totally live there. 

You know, if I could just get over my distate for the cold.

The Royal Crescent


Bath Abbey

SongCome Together by the Beatles

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