snow! ... kinda ...

About 30 minutes ago, it started snowing.  Okay, not Utah-grab-your-board-it's-time-to-start-shredding kind of snow, but trust me, in Houston, anything white falling out of the sky that isn't caused by a refinery is viewed as a possible sign of the Second Coming. 

Alex, having only seen snow when she was about 9 months old (and therefore having no recollection of it), lost her ever-loving mind.  She just ran around and around in circles in our driveway, shrieking in delight.  She kept catching snowflakes (snowdust?) and showing it to me excitedly.

It's since stopped snowing.

Update:  The snow continues.  And in case you thought I was joking about the Second Coming, look here.  Also?  It was a lot warmer yesterday.  Welcome to Houston.


Karen Walrond7 Comments