The town of St. Ives, under a typically cloudy English sky.  And to those of you who are still struggling with the answer to yesterday's riddle, note that from the facts given, there's only one person we know for sure was headed to St. Ives - you.  Or me.  Depending on how your read it, of course.

It dawned on me that some of you might be actually tired of hearing/seeing about this English holiday of ours -- and besides, it's time to get motivated about the holiday season, don't you think?  So I'll spare you too many additional days of photos and stories, and instead combine some of my favourites into fewer posts. 

Today:  Cornwall. 

The view toward the port in Falmouth, from the street in front of my sister-in-law Kate's house

Marcus and I walked this road into town several times during our visit -- I so love the whole walking culture of England, even in spite of the cold.  Living in Houston, I don't get the opportunity to walk much here (if you've ever been to Houston, you know what I'm talking about.  Houston is built on the assumption that every home has at least two cars, and in most instances, you'd be hard-pressed to find a sidewalk, much less a safe place to walk).  I miss walking.


Kate's lovely elder daughter, Ellie, shot on Maenporth beach. 

Even after seven years of being with Marcus and visiting his homeland almost yearly, it is still very difficult for me to reconcile wearing this much clothing on a beach. 


Kate's younger daughter, Keziah

This kid apparently agreed with me about the whole beaches-aren't-for-wearing-lots-of-clothes thing.  She kept ripping her coat off, even as the rest of us were freezing (she's not wearing her coat here, by the way -- just a thin hoodie!).

 Another view of Pendennis Castle, in Falmouth

I've visited castles in England before, but many of them are mere ruins -- this one is almost perfectly preserved.  Last year, when we arrived in Cornwall, Kate, Ellie and Kez were just returning from having a princess birthday party for Kez, complete with all guests dressed as princesses, inside this castle.  Can you imagine?  A kid's birthday party inside a real castle? How amazing would that be?


A shot from inside Pendennis.  Awesome.


My mother-in-law, Diana

Let me make sure you got that:  this is the mother of my 39-year-old husband.  Doesn't she look amazing?  And while we were in Cornwall, she celebrated another birthday -- in honour of the big day, she had Kate dye her hair red.  Fantastic.

Tomorrow, some favourite shots from London.  Stay tuned.

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