one last look

At the last minute, we decided to stay in San Antonio one more day: the power is still out at our house, but more importantly, so is the water. So rather than go home to the sweltering heat without any possibility of the relief of a shower, we thought we'd give it another 24 hours in the hope that at least the water service will have returned. Besides, the forecast is for more rain in Houston today, and I've seen a few twitter posts saying that people are now being evacuated in anticipation of still more flooding, so staying away another day seems best. Regardless, however, we're leaving San Antonio tomorrow: the Houston weather is forecast to improve, and we've spent as much money as we care to spend by staying in this hotel; besides, we've all got a bit of cabin fever going on here, too.

While here in San Antonio, we've tried to buy a generator to take back with us, but to no avail: the city is sold out of generators. So instead, we spent the money on tons of canned foods and dry goods, just in case the electricity is still out by the time we returned.

Oh, and we bought bottled water. Lots and lots of bottled water.

More when we return to Houston (and have power and an internet connection).

Song: Fever, as performed by Joe Sample, featuring Lalah Hathaway

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