that tree? ours. that house? our neighbour's.

Well, we're back. We have no electricity or phone, but we do have water and gas. I'm writing this from my parents' home, but we're going to be leaving to return to our dark house before curfew. Our house is intact, and wasn't breached in any way, shape our form.

Our neighbours weren't so lucky.

The image you see above is our tree on our neighbour's house. Despite how it looks, it doesn't appear to have damaged their house much (read: there are no leaks and/or branches in their home). It's going to cost us about $1000 to cut the tree off of their roof.

In general, however, all of us in our neighbourhood are considering ourselves very, very lucky: while some people lost garages and cars to falling trees, as far as we know, no one actually lost their home. The place looks like a war zone, with huge branches narrowly missing rooftops, but in general, despite the lack of utilities, homes are livable. And, praise all that is good, a cool front has moved in, making the heat all but history, for now.

And for this, we are very, very grateful.

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Karen Walrond14 Comments