thank you

An azalea inexplicably blooming in our back garden this morning, despite the cold weather we've been having.

Thank all of you so much for your great words of encouragement yesterday.  I've been very shy about telling people about the upcoming exhibit -- mostly because I was waiting to get the call from the gallery telling me that it was all a big mistake, that in fact I hadn't been chosen, and then ending with a verbally condescending "pat on the head" saying to just keep trying, maybe one day I'd be good enough to show in a gallery (not theirs, obviously, but some gallery somewhere).  In fact, I had told very few people in my real life before I posted yesterday's post: it was only when I actually saw my name on the gallery's site did I start to believe things were really happening, and that there'd been no mistake.  So really, thank you for your lovely comments.  This all still feels very new.

And it makes me wonder what other weird, wild intentions I can put out there to actualize and manifest!


Karen Walrond7 Comments