so a funny thing happened on the way to the inauguration ...

A few weeks ago, my friend Danielle called me.  Danielle works for a large PR firm.  "I have a client that wants to do something in Houston," she said.  "And as soon as I heard 'Houston,' I thought of you."

Danielle proceeded to ask me if I would be open to hosting a Blogger Inauguration party in my home.  She asked me to invite any bloggers that I knew in Houston to come over and hang out, and the cool thing was that her client, Quaker Oats, would cater breakfast.

The idea was so weird, that there was no way I was going to say no.

Here's the beauty of this, though:  the party (and others like mine that are being held and hosted all over the US tomorrow) are in conjunction with Quaker's Start With Substance Campaign, launched with the goal of donating a million bowls of oatmeal to the hungry.  In addition, just for having the party, Quaker is going to donate additional crates of oatmeal to the Houston Food Bank.

You have to love that.

The scary thing?  The press has picked this up, and in the next 30 minutes, the news teams from THREE NETWORKS are coming to interview me.  And they're coming tomorrow to the party, as well.

And I still have 30 pounds to lose! 

Anyway, I'll be liveshooting (sort of like liveblogging, but with photographs) today and tomorrow.  So stay tuned. 

And eat your oatmeal.

Update:  Right now, I'm typing complete nonsense, because Fox News is currently taping me blogging.  Torrey is the camera man -- he seems cool, and he's promised that he'll put the "she-weighs-20-pounds-less" fliter on his camera.  I'm counting on him to do so.

After he turns the camera off, I'll upload a picture of him.  He only let me shoot his hands.  Just like a photographer to refuse to be on camera.


Torrey, from FOX


The lovely Elizabeth Scarborough from NBC.

Update #2:  This is me, typing some more stuff, so that NBC can get some footage of me blogging.  They were very excited about Obama's social media knowledge -- very fun interview!  (Also, if you'd like to see it, it should air on the local NBC station, Channel 2, at 10 p.m.!)

Update #3 (and final until tomorrow!):  This is me typing some more stuff, so that the local CBS affiliate can get pictures of me blogging.  Also, meet the lovely Letitia ...

... the reporter for CBS, and this is Leticia and Chris, the camera man!

This interview will air tonight at 10 on the local CBS station, Channel 11.

More tomorrow!

Update #4 (final, and this time I mean it):  I totally forgot to add the following photo last night:

Shot by Camerman Chris

Okay!  Now on with the inauguration!

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