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Yesterday, I saw this short video on renowned fashion photographer Sam Haskins, discussing his amazingly long career in photography.  I particularly loved the part where he said the following:

"I insisted I could never become deeply depressed, because if I go ... if I feel a little bit low and I go into my studio, I make an image with which I'm satisfied, suddenly my spirit is lifted and I ... you know, it's a self-cured thing."

 I so get this.  For me, there's nothing that can get me out of my own head than grabbing my camera and going out to take a photograph; if it results in an image that I love, it can change my entire day.  I'm not sure why this is:  of course, there's an element of a job well done, but I think it's also being able to capture a moment of beauty, coupled with relief that if I'm still able to do that, life can't actually be all that bad.  There are other things I love to do -- reading, writing, listening to music, singing, scuba diving -- but none of them can completely turn my day around like photography.

I think everyone should have something like that -- some activity that can get you out of your own head, lift your spirits, and make you stop taking things too seriously.  If you have something you do to lift your spirits, I'd love if you'd share what it is here.  If you don't, well, permit me to suggest the next time you're feeling down, you take 5 minutes, go outside and find something beautiful to shoot, whether it's a flower, or a beautiful smooth rock, or a city sign you've always been attracted to, or a cloud.  You can do this whether you have an expensive digital SLR camera, a cheap point-and-shoot, or even your camera phone.  For the images that please you the most, keep them in a little "spirit lifter file" to refer to when you need a quick pick-me-up.

Because seriously, sometimes just capturing an image of something beautiful can do wonders.

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To some business:  According to, the winners of the three CD's by Elizabeth Irvine are:

Nancy R, who said, "Right at this moment it's candy's just not the same eating it at other times of the year...and I have to hide it from my peanut allergic kiddo, lol."

Kazari, who said, "Here's my guilty secret: I have many extravagances : )
Hot chocolate, sleep-ins, chocolate sundaes, taking time to do my nails...
But my biggest extravagance lately was getting the gorgeous Goddess Leonie to take photos of me, my husband and my big pregnant belly.
That was a COMPLETE extravagance, but totally worth it."

rebeka, who said "Sleeping in on weekends and going to coffee shops for chai lattes."

Congratulations, all!  I'll contact you each via email to get your addresses.  And thanks to all of you for sharing your comments!


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