love thursday: raindrops

This week, I thought I'd drop a little extra love into your online lives by sharing some blogs that I've recently found that seem to do everything they can to spread a little love and happiness along the internet:

.V -- who in addition to having a visually beautiful blog, also features "happy lists" -- lists created by some of her favourite bloggers on what makes them happy.  A great idea.

Pretty good -- by adding words to her beautiful images, she conveys simple, love-filled, happy thoughts almost daily.  This site is rapidly becoming an addiction.

Urban Sketchers -- a community blog by artists from all over the world, who share their sketches of their hometowns here on this one site.  Sometimes the words explaining their sketches are in their native languages, which just adds to this site's interest.  I feel like they're making the world a smaller, more accessible place, one moleskine page at a time.

* * * * * * *


Happy Love Thursday, folks.  Please leave the links to your images and stories of love below.  And thanks so much for participating in this:  by adding your own images and stories to the internet, you're helping spread love yourself, one small drop at a time.


Song: Head over feet, by Alanis Morissette

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