Wow.  Thanks so much for your feedback from yesterday's post -- both your enthusiasm, and your suggestions.  I'm going to mull it over during the upcoming weeks, and see what we can come up with (as well as look to see what I can technically offer via Squarespace and this site), and I'll let you know.  (And if you think of any other helpful suggestions, as is always the case, feel free to e-mail me at chookooloonksATgmailDOTcom.)  I'll set a soft goal of March to have something available.  Fantastic -- I'm very jazzed.

Speaking of jazzed, do you ever get in those moods where you're just champing at the bit to get on with it and just DO?  I'm totally in that state of mind right now.  I think it's the crisp weather we're having. I think it's causing an inspiration spark.

The other thing that's causing an inspiration spark are some pretty beautiful things that I keep seeing around the internet these days.  One of them is the lovely video below -- I share it with you as today's song.

Song:  Her morning elegance by Oren Lavie

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