5 more things you might not know about me

1. Sadly, I am not friends with anyone famous. I am, however, one degree of separation from Chuck Norris, Katie Holmes, Val Kilmer and Digable Planets. I'm not sure what this says about the people I do know.

2. Someone I used to know once described me as an introvert trapped in an extravert's body -- and I think that's pretty accurate. I love people dearly, but actually crave my Alone Time, and feel very unsettled if I don't get a large dose of solitude every day.  Most people find this very difficult to believe.

3. Within the last 2 months, I appear to have developed a heretofore undiscovered nickel allergy -- and as a result, I'm unable to wear the white gold wedding band associated with my first marriage to Marcus (the marriage that happened for visa reasons). Nowadays, wearing that (rather inexpensive) band gives me a burn on my finger that looks like I've been holding a curling iron to it. Marcus accuses me of developing this allergy just so I could get a platinum wedding band, but luckily, the wedding band associated with our second marriage (the white wedding) doesn't seem to bother me. So, he's off the hook.

For now.

4. For two years, I went to high school at a convent in Trinidad. While I got a great education there, it is the primary reason why I would never send Alex to a single-gender school. I am therefore certain I am a great disappointment to the nuns who taught me.

5. I used to (a) play the guitar (b) play the piano (c) sing in a choir (d) dance ballet. I spent years doing each, and am not particularly good at any of them now. My passion for music, however, hasn't diminished, and have been known to dance around wildly and sing at the top of my lungs when there's no one around to hear me (see Alone Time, #2, above).

Okay, your turn: what's something else about you that most people don't know?

(And as always, have a great weekend!)

Update:  I was just reminded I'm also one degree of separation from Taye Diggs.  Which, you know ... HOTTT.

Song: Rehab by Amy Winehouse


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