tango & tea: té house of tea

Who would've thought tea and tango went together? Photographed with Nikon D300, 35mm lens.

During most of my life I've been more of a tea drinker than a coffee drinker, and lately, I've been foregoing the java altogether, in favour of good old fashioned English breakfast tea. Since it was a cold and rainy day in Houston today -- record lows for this time of year -- I found myself drinking gallons of hot tea, trying to keep warm. And, just because I apparently have a warped sense of privacy, I found myself tweeting about it.

After a few tweets, I received an e-mail that @tehouseoftea was following me. A bit of investigation revealed that this twitter address belonged to a local tea house -- one I'd never heard of. Since Marcus and I had scheduled a date night for tonight, we decided to drop in after dinner to check it out.

Not only is Té House of Tea awesome (with a mindboggling selection of teas from all over the world), on Friday nights -- get this -- they have tango dancing.  Marcus and I do not tango, but it's captivating to watch.

If you happen to be in Houston, I strongly recommend this lovely little tea house in the Montrose area.  And remember -- try to get there on a Friday night.  After about an hour of tango and tea, you'll be thinking your life is pretty damned fabulous.

Song: I want love by Jehro

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