things which made me smile quietly to myself over the last few days

Photographed yesterday during a wonderful downpour.  Nikon D300, 24-85mm lens.

Yesterday, it stormed like crazy -- one of those intense, insane Texas thunderstorms.  There's nothing I love better than being safe at home, in my office working, while an intense, insane Texas thunderstorm is raging outside.

A new friend this week turned me on to Very Short List -- a service that sends you a short e-mail daily about new cool things, like books, or movies, or cool inventions.  I can't believe I didn't know about this before, and love getting each day's email.

This same friend told me about The Photographic Dictionary:  when you click here, you come to a page that contains the alphabet.  Click any letter, and a list of words appears.  Click a word, and its definition shows up -- as a beautiful, intriguing or provocative photograph.  I could get lost for days in this site.

Speaking of photographs, I'm entranced by these portraits featured in Matt Hoyle's Barnumville, which are inspired by the American sideshows of the 1940's.  I really need to start doing portraiture more.

And most of all, two very dear friends are secretly getting married today.  This makes me happiest most of all.

SongMan of constant sorrow, by The Soggy Bottom Boys

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