Photographed at about 5 in the afternoon, on the eve of her 5th birthday.

Alex is 5 years old today.  This past weekend, we held her party at the gym where she takes gymnastics.  Several of her friends from school and from the neighbourhood came, and activities included being catapulted to dizzying heights into a giant foam pit.

I'm still a bit shaken about the entire ordeal.

The celebration isn't over:  a former coworker e-mailed me a few weeks ago letting me know she had extra tickets to The Jonas Brothers, who will be playing in town on Sunday at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.  Neither Marcus nor I are particularly big Jonas Brothers fans (far less the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo), but since it's Alex's birthday, we felt obligated to purchase them.  We fully anticipate Alex will lose her mind when she finds out.

Happy birthday, little one.  May this year catapult you to dizzying heights.

Photo by Marcus, processed by me.


SongHappy Birthday by Stevie Wonder