a few faves while I'm away

So, as you read this, I'm still in Trinidad; however, I thought while I was away I'd share some of my favourite blogs that are currently in my personal feed reader, but aren't on my links page:

Desire to Inspire -- It probably doesn't surprise you that I have a weakness for creative interior design.  With only a few exceptions, I love almost every interior featured on this site.

Not calm (dot com) -- This lovely little blog by the oh-so-very-talented Jenijen (whose great face can be seen here) is so beautifully written, and seems so refreshingly honest, you can't help but read it and feel you've found a kindred spirit.  I always feel a pang of excitement when I see she's published a new post.

Pia Jane Bijkerk -- This blog is written by a photo stylist, who lives on a - wait for it - houseboat in Amsterdam.  How cool is that?  Her site is really charming and so incredibly calming -- perfect stop if you need a short rest in the middle of a busy day.

petit Paris -- This is a little photoblog by my friend Irene Nam, showing life with her husband and twin boys in her native Paris.  What I love about Irene is that English is her third language (she's fluent in French and Korean), and she has a facility with it that is positively breathtaking.  A beautiful site.

Enjoy, everyone.  See you when I get back.


Song: That's it, I quit, I'm movin' on by Adele.  My stars, what a talent. If you haven't heard this lovely, bluesy cover of Sam Cooke yet, click here and have a listen.