thinking about individuality

Coral from Tobago (feeling a bit homesick!).  Photographed with Nikon D300, 60mm micro lens.


 "You don't have to necessarily be the best at what you do -- there is always somone better. 

Instead, be the only one who does you do."

-- Unknown, but quoted by Amy Krouse Rosenthal in Encyclopaedia of an Ordinary Life.

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Thanks so much for sharing where you're all located yesterday -- it's amazing to think of how many countries are represented here on Chookooloonks!  The winners of the print of yesterday's image are Melissa from Chicago, Illinois; Ann from Sunny New Mexico; and Michelle from Melbourne, Australia.  I'll contact you all directly via e-mail to get your mailing arrangements.

And have a great weekend, everyone, wherever in the world you are.


SongWeapon of choice by Fatboy Slim.  Be sure to check out the video.  Because, really, every Friday should have a little Christopher Walken dancing in it.

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