random thought: on being green. and somewhat amphibian.

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My dad's name is Kermitt.  Like the frog, but with two t's.  When I was a kid, he used to get great mileage from this fact from my friends:

"Hey, kids, I'm Kermitt the frog!"

"No, you're naaaaaht!"

"Sure I am!  Ask your dad!"

(Quick glance at dad, who confirms by nodding.  Their faces register confusion, and then disbelief.)


I notice that nowadays, however, my dad doesn't get nearly as much of a reaction from little kids like he used to -- partially because Sesame Street doesn't seem as pervasive as it was back in the early 70's, partially because since Jim Henson's death, you don't see much original Kermit the Frog material, and partially because if kids do watch Sesame Street these days, it's all about a certain little red monster.

Nonetheless, I do take comfort in the fact that somewhere, some place, there's some little kid who gets an inordinate amount of glee from the fact that her dad's name is Elmo.

SongJoy to the world by Three Dog Night

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