music, tea & a candle: a good start

The outside patio at Brasil, at Westheimer & Dunlavy.  Photographed with Nikon D300, 60mm lens

I spent some of yesterday morning writing at my favourite coffeehouse in Houston.  This place isn't my favourite because of the coffee (although it's certainly fine -- and so's the tea) or the food (which is actually  stellar) or the service (the employees have always been very warm to me; however, I've heard stories of the opposite).  There's just something about this place.  This coffeehouse has been around for quite a while, and over time has grown to almost triple its original size, adding lots of square footage and a second outdoor space.  And yet, the setting remains calming and soothing, despite being located on one of the busiest streets in Houston.

Of course, the wall of flowering jasmine and paper lanterns probably don't hurt.

Anyway, it got me thinking about the little practices we do every morning to start our day.  For me, the day hasn't begun until I've made myself a cup of tea, I've got some music playing on my computer, and I've lit a candle.  I've learned that if I start my day in just the right way, I'm often far more likely to be productive -- at least for the first few hours, anyway.

How about you -- how do you start your weekday?

SongI feel good by James Brown

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