So, it looks like we have a new member of the family. 

Last Friday my friend Karen, in the knowledge that I have a weakness for retriever/poodle mixes, e-mailed me about a 3-month-old puppy that was recently rescued from a local shelter.  On Saturday morning, Marcus, Alex and I rushed to the adoption event being held by the rescue organization (fearing that some other labradoodle-loving family would beat us to the punch), but unfortunately, the puppy wasn't there -- he apparently has a case of the kennel cough.

This morning, on the invitation of the rescue organization's director, I visited the shelter where he's being boarded; happily, he's doing worlds better.  I asked if I could see him, and the woman obliged.  As soon as she walked out with the little furball, I shouted "SOLD!" before I even had a clue what I was saying.  I snuggled him for about 45 minutes and then filled out all the paperwork.  And then I walked out.  This afternoon we purchased all the necessary puppy things, and I pick him up tomorrow morning.

One problem:  we don't have a name for him yet.  So I thought I'd have a little contest -- leave a suggestion for his name in the comments below, and if we choose it, I'll send you one 8x10" print chosen from the currently-available March images in the online shop.  Enter as often as you'd like, but contest will run only until 12:00 a.m. my time Wednesday morning, April 8.

And incidentally, I promise I won't suddenly start inundating Chookooloonks with tons of puppy photographs.  Or, at least, I'll try not to. 

I mean, seriously, look at that face. 

I am weak against his puppilicious wiles.

Song: Puppy toy by Tricky