the lights shining through on you

Photographed with Nikon D200, 35mm lens

I hate that I made so many of you sad yesterday -- that certainly wasn't my intent!  Rest assured that all of the new trees we've planted in the old oaks' places are thriving -- and we've replaced most of them with large flowering trees, so in a few years, our garden is going to pretty glorious during springtime.  Never fear - we're all change-is-good, lemons-lemonading up in here.  As you have to be, right?

Anyway, to cheer you up, I thought I'd share one of the photos that I took near our home this weekend, above.  Wildflowers are currently blooming everywhere right now, so thank heavens I took my camera with me yesterday on my morning run.  I managed to get a few lovely shots yesterday, which I'll likely share with you during the week.  At one point, a man who was running past me said with a laugh, "Now, now, you can't be a photographer and a runner ... time to put away the camera and run!" 

I laughed right back:  "I'm making it my life goal to do both!" 

(Although, between you and me, the running is likely to fall off.)


SongSunshine of your love, as performed by Funkadelic