a little about that book

Outtake for possible book cover image. Photographed with Nikon D300, 60mm micro lens.

Someone yesterday pointed out that I haven't yet divulged the concept of the book -- and, you're right, I haven't.  But I promise I will.  Right now, I'm fervently working on getting enough content for a BLAD, which I've learned stands for "Book Layout and Design."  Basically, it's a manual that looks like the final product of the book, but doesn't have all the content in it yet; it's just enough to give an idea of how the book is going to look and feel.  It's basically the tool that publishers use to market and sell the book to trade -- booksellers, wholesalers and the like. 

(An aside:  I'm learning a lot about the publishing industry.  I had no idea how much work goes on behind the scenes to get a book to print.  It's really pretty fascinating.)

Once the BLAD's done (hopefully in a few weeks' time), trust me, I'm sure that I'll be so excited that I'll take a photograph of it and slap it right here on the blog, and that will likely give you a lot more information about its content.  But for now, I'll just:

1.  continue to give you clues to the images that will be included by publishing the outtakes or related photographs here on the site;

2.  tell you that the book is hopefully going to have a similar look and feel to Chookooloonks (in other words, heavy in both words and images); and

3.  unlike Chookooloonks, will have an over-arching theme running through the entire book.  In a manner of speaking.

One thing I will tell you:  it's slated to be published in Fall 2010, so we have a long way to go yet.  I promise that along the way I'll keep you involved in all the steps -- and with any luck, by the time the book hits the shelves, it will be exactly what you've been expecting and hoping for.


SongInto your arms by The Lemonheads.  Marcus picked today's song.