love thursday

Doug & his boys, in Manhattan on July 8, 2009.  Photographed with Nikon Coolpix.

A couple of weeks ago, as Doug and his sons were leading us to their favourite New York City park, they fell in step with each other ahead of us, holding each other's hands.   Then suddenly, spontaneously, Doug began swinging the boys, every fourth step or so.  I didn't hear either of the boys ask Doug to do this; it appeared to be almost out of habit, like this was how the three of them always walked down the steet together. 

Step, step, step, swing. 

Step, step, step, swing.

I smiled. 

I thought about how the boys, when they're finally men -- maybe even with sons of their own -- they'll think of the way their dad used to firmly and confidently grab their hands, swing them through the air, making even a simple walk an adventure.

And I bet they'll smile, too.

* * * * * * *

Happy Love Thursday, friends.  Please leave your stories or links to your images and words of love in the comments section, below.


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