then and now

Charlie and Alex (with Charlie's mum, Jo), photographed at Acajou Resort in Grand Riviere, Trinidad, May 28, 2006. Photographed with Nikon D100, 28-85 mm lens.

We met our friends Joanna, Peter and their daughter Charlie soon after Marcus, Alex and I moved to Trinidad, back in 2005. Joanna's company was in the process of transferring their family from their homeland of Australia to Trinidad, and while doing her research, Jo stumbled upon an earlier incarnation of Chookooloonks. She e-mailed me and told me that her family would be in town for their house hunting trip, and Alex (then 1) and I met them for breakfast, to tell them all about Trinidad.

We ended up being neighbours for 2 years, until we moved back to Houston, and Jo and her family moved on to Hong Kong, and eventually returning to Australia. They're currently on holiday, and were sweet enough to squeeze some time in Houston with us along the way. And although Charlie and Alex hadn't seen each other for almost half their lives (Charlie is 2 years older than Alex), they totally picked up right where they left off.

Alex and Charlie, at our home on June 2, 2009. Photographed with Nikon D300, 24-85mm lens.

Next on the agenda: a traditional American Independence Day. Or as traditional as this multinational household can make it, anyway.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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Song: Why can't we be friends by War