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Outtake from the book.  I think.  Photographed with Nikon D300, 60mm macro lens.

Yesterday I was instant-messaging Mir, and it came out that I didn't have any clue where our local library was.  Mir was, understandably, aghast.  It's not that we don't read in this house, it's just that we live walking distance from a bookstore.  So we tend to buy our books.  Which, as I thought about it, is sort of dumb since we're trying to watch our pennies. 

So I googled the location of our local library, and when I picked Alex up from school we went straight there to get her a library card.  As we walked out of the library with a total of five books in our arms, she looked up at me solemnly, and said:

"MOM.  The library is AWESOME."

Mission accomplished.

* * *

Ugly things, thoughts of which are occupying way too much of my time: the size of my ever-expanding ass; the fact that as of my 42nd birthday, almost to the day, my eyes have started to blur when I read books or my own handwriting (but, weirdly, not the computer screen); the news that a guy I went to law school with recently got disbarred and sentenced to 35 years in prison.  I mean, dude was always shady, but it takes some work to get 35 years in prison.   Turns out criminal court judges look dimly upon attorneys stealing settlement funds from clients.  Young lawyers, take note.

Lovely things, thoughts of which are occupying way too much of my time:  my new method of journaling -- seriously, it's shocking how productive it's making me; my new silver engagement ring; and my new, short, deep-purple-almost-black fingernails.  They make me feel like a goth teenager.

A 42-year-old, blurry-eyed, goth teenager with a big butt.

* * *

Things I've learned to like this year:  tofu, avocado, and my hair without any chemicals (a first since I was about 10).  If you'd asked me a year ago if I would like any of those things, I would've told you to put the crack pipe down.  And yet, here I am.

Sort of makes me wonder what other cool things are around the corner.


SongPretty in pink by Psychedelic FursRest in peace, John Hughes.  You understood those of us who were children of the 80's like no one else.

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