random thoughts

 On Friday, an old friend -- a former boss, actually -- called to catch up.  We spoke for about 45 minutes.  He was amazingly supportive, and then he also gave me some strong advice -- advice which made me realize that it might be time for me to take another leap of faith. 

Something to think about.  Sometimes it's just so hard to see the line between brave and crazy, you know?

This weekend, my five-year-old correctly used the word "peace" to mean "see you later."  I am both immensely proud and incredibly frightened by this fact.

Guilty admission:  It appears I may be inappropriately in love with Justin Timberlake.  Yes, I know I'm far too old for him.  Yes, Marcus is aware (but in my defense, Marcus looks forward to his Saturday Night Live appearances, too).  Yes, I'm mildly ashamed of this fact.  But it is the truth, and so there you have it.


SongEcho and bounce by the Propellerheads



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