random thought: golden hour


Yesterday evening, I went outside with my camera at the golden hour -- that time when the sun is starting its descent into the horizon, and the light turns all gold and beautiful, and things start to feel wonderfully peaceful.  I started thinking about my favourite places where I've enjoyed the golden hour, and the two which immediately came to mind were Tobago and Grand Cayman:  it's that moment when seabathers and sunworshippers start packing up their towels and bags to head back home, and the beach slowly becomes quiet for the night, with only the sound of the ocean lapping against the jetty, rocks and coral reef.  I remember one particular weekend when we were in Tobago with our good friend Dan, when Alex and I were snuggling on a beach chair as Marcus and Dan were skipping rocks along the water during the golden hour. 

I remember feeling so very happy.

Do you have a favourite golden hour place?


SongSunset by Kate Bush

Image: Just outside our home, photographed with Nikon D300 and Lensbaby Composer

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