beautiful different

The vivacious Maggy. Outtake from the book.


I think the funnest parts of writing this book are the conversations and laughter around finding out what each person's "Different" is. 


Seriously.  It's such a good time.


As it happens, I think I've completed taking all the portraits and photographs I need for the book -- now it's all down to the words.  But right now, as you read this, I've taken a very short-notice, impromptu trip to Salt Lake City, to speak at the Altitude Design Summit. Some of my favourite design bloggers are supposed to be here, so I'm hoping to just bask in their creative juju before coming back and really hitting the word processor next week.

In the meantime, have a great weekend, folks.  Here's to your fun, funny, beautiful Different.

Karen Walrond7 Comments