Welcome to 2010, everyone!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend, full of joyful and fun celebration.  And now, for most of us, today is the first official workday of the new year.  Feels like another new beginning.

When I took the photographs you see here, I chose to capture them because at the time, the colours and the images moved me -- but once I saw them on my computer screen, I immediately knew that they needed to be the images for today.  Because there's no more "blank slate feeling" than the first days of January, don't you think?  Imagine:  a whole year (decade!) ahead of you, to make of what you will.

What are you going to create this year?



(And for those of you who want to join in on exercising your superpowers this year, the week one discussion point is officially up. You might find it useful, even if you haven't identified your superpower yet.)


SongPapa's got a brand new bag by James Brown

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